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Industrial Electrician Perth

First-class Industrial Electrician Perth

At Jewelbic Electrical, we understand that even a one-hour disruption of workflow in an industrial facility can impact revenue and introduce major delays in the supply chain. Familiar and experienced with electrical systems housed within manufacturing, production and warehousing facilities, our experts can resolve your electrical issues.

Whether your appliances are malfunctioning or you require an upgrade of your power system, our contractors carry out each job with utmost care to ensure that your bottom line is looked after.

Jewelbic Electrical’s Areas of Expertise
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Our years’ of experience in industries including civil construction, communications, manufacturing, and warehousing, makes us an industrial electrician Perth businesses can turn to for quality outcomes.

We specialise in solving basic to advanced electrical issues and offer industrial electrical maintenance services that include testing and tagging, fault diagnosis, load testing, lighting replacements, switchboard maintenance, surge protection testing and compliance inspections.

Electrical Testing and Tagging Perth

Are you covered? Make sure your business is meeting mandatory Occupational Health and Safety regulations through our testing, tagging and electrical maintenance services. We will inspect and rectify your RCDs and portable powered equipment to ensure they are compliant with Australian Standards.

For clients on construction and demolition sites

Regulation 3.60 of the OSH regulations requires that all RCDs be kept in a safe working condition and tested regularly.

Regulation 3.61 of the OSH regulations requires the employer, self-employed person or main contractor at a workplace to ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3012:2003 Electrical installations – Construction and demolition sites.

This standard sets out minimum requirements for the design, construction and testing of electrical installations that supply electricity to appliances and equipment on construction and demolition sites. It also sets out minimum requirements for the in-service testing of RCDs and portable, relocatable and fixed electrical equipment used on construction and demolition sites.

Regulation 3.62 of the OSH regulations requires the testing and tagging of portable
electrical equipment or a portable RCD on any construction or demolition site to be
carried out by a competent person. The tester’s name must appear on the tag, along with the test or re-test date, as specified in AS/NZS 3012:2003. If the tester is a licensed electrician, the tester’s licence number must also be included on the tag.

Regulation 3.63 of the OSH regulations, states that any worker bringing a portable
item of electrical equipment or RCD to a construction or demolition site that is required to be tested under AS/NZS 3012:2003, must, before the item is used to:

  • provide the main contractor with a record of the relevant testing data; and
  • ensure the tag bears the name of the competent person who conducted the test

All other workplaces

Regulation 3.60 of the OSH regulations requires that all RCDs be kept in a safe working condition and tested regularly.

Regulation 4.37 of the OSH regulations deals with the duties as to the use of any
electrical equipment or RCD at workplaces other than construction and demolition sites.

Under this regulation, an employer, self-employed person, main contractor, person having control of a workplace or person having control of access to a workplace must ensure that electrical equipment and RCDs at the workplace are subject to the appropriate checks, tests and inspections necessary to reduce the risk of injury or harm occurring to a person at that workplace.

Jewelbic Electrical is happy to assist your business with yearly testing and tagging electrical maintenance services. Contact us >>

Surge Protection and Switchboard Maintenance

At Jewelbic Electrical, we analyse your existing setup and provide customised solutions in a cost-effective manner. In addition to surge protection, we also provide regular switchboard maintenance to prevent burnout.

Every detailed inspection conducted by our team is aimed at controlling heat generation in the switchboards, tightening loose bolts to avoid short circuiting, and cleaning of busbars for optimal performance.

A surge protector is the most powerful preventative tool for any industrial facility’s electrical health. It can single-handedly protect thousands of dollars’ worth of machinery against overload.

Any industrial electrician in Perth will advise you to install surge protection, but what they probably won’t tell you is that it doesn’t require an over-the-top investment.

Why You Should Trust Jewelbic Electrical
Industrial Electrician Perth | Jewelbic Electrical

We help you avoid catastrophic events such as a fire or explosion caused due to neglected electrical issues. We are expert industrial electricians in Perth and a timely visit from us can help you reduce equipment downtime as well as create safe working conditions for your employees.

Get in touch with us today and save money in the long run!