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Renovation. Jolimont.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Lounge Room Renovations in Jolimont

The Challenge

A family of four living in Jolimont, reached out to Jewelbic Electrical for a renovation project. They wanted to renovate their kitchen, bathrooms and lounge room. Also, since their house was an older character home, their wiring was rusty and lighting systems were out-dated. In certain areas of the house, a complete wiring overhaul was required.

Furthermore, the homeowners were concerned about the budget and since the family were residing in the house, they had no alternative accommodation. As a result, the renovation work had to be done with minimal disruption to the family’s daily life.

The Solution

Jewelbic Electrical developed a budget-friendly project plan for the family, while implementing cutting-edge solutions. The homeowners were particularly impressed with the touch panel lighting installed behind the vanity mirrors in the en-suite.

Our team of expert electricians also performed fault diagnosis for the entire wiring of the house and replaced parts of the electrical system. The kitchen included brand new appliances and customised lighting.

Our electricians worked from morning to afternoon on weekdays, so that the family would have privacy once their children returned home from school.

The Outcome

The homeowners were happy, given that the total investment ended up being exactly what had been quoted. The children were comfortable throughout the renovation given that family time wasn’t disturbed.

Overall, the solutions provided gave the property a new lease on life and the entire project was completed in 6 weeks.

The family loved the renovation and the upgrades we installed for them. They felt much more comfortable in their family home, given that we made it as good as new!

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March 2021